This page was made to show friends what is possible in programming webserver applications. So it is mainly a private page. You need a account to get to most of the content. I did so because many of my scripts are made for a special purpose and not fully testet on other server enviroment. Anyway! All my scripts are open source and free of copyright.

I try to keep my work as close as possible to the common webserver architectur. So I am working with a Linux operation system and the Apache server. All the basic software is open source. I like the idea of free software.
Have a look at my links page. There you will find my prefered links to free software projects.

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no Windows

and a Apache

About me

I am just a factory worker who has nothing to do with computers at work. But I enjoy to work with electronics at home since decades. I started programming with electronic calculaters and later on with the famous C64. Do the limitations of the operation system I turned to PCs. Quite soon DOS was also to restricted for my interests. I installed Unix (Coherent) on my PCs. Later on as Linux started to develop I switched to this operating system.

This page was designed whithout animal testing.
No penguin was harmed to develop this site!